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Our Technology - SmartTrack

Smart Courier leverages its own custom, proprietary technology solution in order to optimize the delivery process for our customers

Advanced Notification

We receive daily files from our integrated customer base to plan for anticipated volumes

Item Categories

We have custom categories implemented to allow for variable delivery options - cages, totes, loose items

Receive Scanning Process

The process to scan items at our warehouse or cross dock facilities helps to identify any items that do not belong on a specific route


Our application guides drivers on the most efficient routes, identifies all items for delivery at each stop, and ensures deliveries are complete - every time

Proof Of Delivery

Once all items on a stop are delivered, the application requires a driver to take a delivery photo that is geo-tagged and associated with that stop for visual evidence

Comprehensive Reporting

SmartTrack provides a comprehensive web application that ensures our staff and customers have a view into the reports and data they need to manage their deliveries and ensure accurate billing

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